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Watch this training to learn how to set yourself up for 2019!
Watch this video to understand why I am doing this:
This is your LAST CHANCE to grab my Wholesaling Lease Options course (and all my other courses) for an 85% savings... before I close the doors & take them off the market.

From the desk of Joe McCall:

Hey guys, Joe here. I hope your year is wrapping up to be a good one.

From the desk of Joe McCall:

Hey guys, Joe here. I hope your year is wrapping up to be a good one.
Here on the Joe McCall Team things have been awesome. We have had one of our best years EVER doing deals with students all over the US.  And with recent market changes, we see that success only continuing into 2019.

I know some of you haven't had a chance to dive into any of my paid trainings yet. I understand sometimes it's a budget thing... but for some of you, I think maybe you just don't understand Lease Options, or how they work.

Or maybe... you have wanted to do multiple types of deals, but you feel stuck doing just one type. You want to make more than one offer to Sellers.

I get it. I'm known as the "Wholesaling Lease Options" guy. But the truth is we do many types of deals. And, I have put together a few different courses on these types of deals over the years. Things like "Wholesaling Lease Options", "Sandwich Lease Options", "Automated Wholesaling", and even very specific training on how to automate your real estate investing business.

Even though my flagship course has always been "Wholesaling Lease Options", I've started to realize that... it's not always a "one size fits all" solution. 

And as my students have been doing more sandwich lease option and regular wholesaling deals this year... many of my coaching students have seen the value in having the ability to choose which type of deal they offer, or pursue, when talking to sellers.
Therefore, I am closing down all of my courses... 
for good.
Don't get me wrong... I am still going to be providing free content through my podcast, blog, and social media.

And, people will always be able to get ahold of me to apply for my apprenticeship program.

But, my courses, as they are today, will no longer exist.

Instead... I am happy to say...
I'm working on a brand new course!
As I said, it's become more apparent that multiple deal types are really important, especially as we head into 2019. And peoples' education needs have changed.

Ultimately, I've realized that my Wholesaling Lease Options course just isn't the full package anymore, and my best students are those that have more than one of trainings on multiple types of deals.

So in 2019 I will be releasing a brand new course, but this will not just be a regurgitation of my existing course.

This is going to be a completely new course, updated and improved for 2019, with complete trainings on multiple types of deals.

Yes, we will talk about Wholesaling Lease Options. But we will also talk about Sandwich Lease Options, Wholesaling, Automation, Land, and more.

And truth be told, I will be more than doubling the value of the course, because not only will it include more than three times the amount of training... but I will also be including a free ticket voucher to my flagship IN-PERSON training events that I am also going to be launching in 2019 (more details on these in the future).

Having said all that, in order to provide the best value to my students, by combining all of my training, and adding brand new training, including the in-person events, I simply cannot sell my course at such a cheap price anymore. I have to raise it.
This IS your last chance (and this is not false scarcity).
I am really going to be closing this deal down, and I am really going to be launching a brand new course in 2019. The new course will be more than double what this one costs (of course, with more than triple the value).

But, because you've been a faithful member of my community, I wanted to give you one final chance to grab my existing courses before I close their doors forever.

Right now, until the end of this year, you can grab my flagship course, Wholesaling Lease Options, along with FOUR of my other courses... and you will have lifetime access to those courses. Plus, because it's the Holidays, I'm going to be throwing in some special bonuses.

But please don't lallygag on this one. I am not joking; this is the last time you can grab my flagship courses before I lock them away forever and launch my new course next year.

And oh yeah... In case you're wondering if you will get the new course when it comes out... YES! If you invest in this offer today, you will get free access to the new course when it comes out in January.
Here is what you'll be getting as part of this offer:
Wholesaling Lease Options:
  • Full 6-Module Wholesaling Lease Options 3.0 Course ($1,497 value)
  • Module 1: Introduction to Wholesaling Lease Options
  • Module 2: Marketing for Sellers
  • Module 3: Talking To Sellers and Making Simple Offers
  • Module 4: Marketing for Buyers - This is the easy part!
  • Module 5: The contracts and paperwork
  • Module 6: Growing Your Business
  • BONUS: Partner with Joe on your first deal ($2,500 value)
  • BONUS: Monthly Lease Option Coaching Calls ($2,500 value)
  • BONUS: One On-boarding Coaching Call ($500 value)
  • BONUS: Virtual Assistant Resource Center ($500 value)
  • BONUS: Joe's 'Simplified Lease Options' Podio Apps ($1,000+ value)
  • TOTAL VALUE: $8,497
  • Sold Before For $997
Sandwich Lease Options Training:
  • Full 6-Module Sandwich Lease Options 2.0 Training ($1,500 value)
  • The whole purpose of this course was to give Clients a plan to create over $1,000,000 in equity and over $10,000 in monthly cash flow, in 3 years or less, doing only one Sandwich Lease Option deal a month. 
  • BONUS: Lease Purchase Wealth Manual ($995 value) - This is the course that got me started in the business over 10 years ago. You get it for free. 
  • BONUS: A Brand New 4-week Sales Training class by Gavin ($995 value) - Learn the easy way to confidently talk to sellers and close more deals.
  • TOTAL VALUE: $3,490+
  • Sold Before For $1,500
Automated (Virtual) Wholesaling:
  • Full 8-Module Automated Wholesaling 2.0 Training ($5,000+ value)
  • Module 1: Designing Your Lifestyle - Become "location independent"
  • Module 2: Automation & Systems - All the systems & tools you'll ever need
  • Module 3: Building Your Virtual Team - Delegate what you can't automate
  • Module 4 & 5: Marketing - Learn what's working best today's market
  • Module 6: How To Quickly Make Offers And Follow-Up... All On Autopilot
  • Module 7: A Deeper Dive Into CRM's - Step by step tutorials
  • Module 8: When You Can't Do Lease Options... All about Land Contracts, Subject-To's, Owner Financing, etc
  • Bonus Module: My Land Investing Blueprint (Learn how we are flipping vacant lots in the middle of nowhere for an average profit of $5,000. This part of the business is the easiest to grow and do virtually.)
  • TOTAL VALUE: $5,000+
  • Sold Before For $1,500
Automated MoJo (Cold Calling Mastery):
  • This is the entire Marketing System that Gavin and Joe created on how they are wholesaling 5-10 deals a month virtually in Alabama and Mississippi - without ever talking to sellers or buyers.
  • Full Automated MoJo 2.0 Training ($497 value)
  • Module 1: Why Cold Calling 
  • Module 2: Systems and Tools - How to use MoJoSells, step-by-step
  • Module 3: Prepare to Make Calls 
  • Module 4: Automation & Delegation - How to find Virtual Assistants to do all the cold calling for you.
  • BONUS Module: Extra VA Training ($997 value)
  • TOTAL VALUE: $1,494
  • Sold Before For $497
Easy Outsourcing 101
  • Take all our systems and duplicate them into your own business. Let us train your Virtual Assistants for you... Without the overwhelm!
  • Full "Easy Outsourcing 101" Training ($297 value)
  • Module 1: Introduction And Getting Started
  • Module 2: Posting Your Job And Interviewing
  • Module 3: Hiring And Training Your Virtual Assistant
  • Module 4: Creating Systems And Automating Your Business
  • BONUS: How To Use Free Interns In Your Business ($197 Value)
  • BONUS: Easy System Creation Guide ($97 Value)
  • BONUS: Outsourcing Checklist ($97 Value)
  • TOTAL VALUE: $688
  • Sold Before For $297
I Guarantee This Will Change Your Life
As many of my students know by now, I am serious about what I teach, and I put my money where my mouth is.

I know that this training can change your life. Even just one of my courses. But all 5??? There is literally no reason for you not to succeed.

If you go through all 5 courses and cannot do at least one deal to get your money back (you'll likely 5X or more your investment in just one deal), reach out to my team and we will give you a full refund. (Yes, you have to prove that you did the work. That part is non-negotiable)
YES - You Get My New Course For FREE When It Comes Out In January 2019
This is crazy... I know... My accountant doesn't like it when I do this. But I am doing it anyway!

If you invest in these courses today, you will get my brand new course for FREE when it comes out in 1-2 months!

And guess what...? It will cost 3x's as much as this costs right now. Not kidding... Dead serious...

This is an absolute no-brainer.
Let PayPal Pay For It
I realize that for some of you, cashflow is a little tight due to the Holidays, but you know you want to make the investment into your future. I get it.

That is why I'm offering PayPal as an option. And, with PayPal, you can apply for 6 months of no-interest credit (with a nominal minimum monthly payment). With this, the cost to you is minimal, but the opportunity is huge. 

You have 6 months to do just one deal. Then you can pay your PayPal bill. Insane...

You literally have no excuses. Click the button below to take advantage of this opportunity before the time is up. I will not offer these courses again, and certainly not at this price.
Time Is Of The Essence.  I am only offering these courses through the end of the year. Then I'm shutting it down. Join today!
And again... Don't forget... When you invest in this package today, you will get the new course for FREE when it comes available in January 2019.
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